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We operate in an ever changing world, where we must respond rapidly to the evolving needs and demands of our customers and employees.

We do so by being agile and innovative, continually investing in our assets, people and solutions. With our extensive network, Beacon has become the trusted partner of rail operators throughout the UK and Europe.

“Our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing rolling stock. We provide dedicated technical support to keep your assets secure and reliable. Our team works with you to ensure your leasing package is tailored to your needs, so that you get maximum value from the assets we provide you with.”

Adam Cunliffe

Chief Executive Officer

Beacon is growing daily. We are investing in excess of £250 million by 2022, so that we continue to provide you with the best range of assets, optimised for use throughout the UK and Europe.

We are here to help you achieve your business goals – by collaborating with you and evolving our offer to meet your requirements.

Our decisions are driven by the goals of our customers, the creativity of our team and the need to operate in a safe, environmentally sustainable and socially conscious fashion.

They are underpinned by our three core values – collaborative, agile and helping each other thrive.


Our Presence

We are a leading lessor operating in 18 countries.

Our Presence

  • Operating in 18 countries
  • Large customer base of high quality lessees
  • Leading lessor for passenger and freight rolling stock
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Beacon’s three core values drive decisions across everything we do.


  • We are Collaborative
  • We are Agile
  • We help each other Thrive
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We are a dynamic team that aims to re-invigorate the approach to rail leasing.


We have a diverse team, able to do business in 12 languages.

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For Passenger or Freight enquiries please use the relevant contact for your region.