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Our Shared Values& Purpose


Shared values inform our behaviour

Beacon has three core values that serve as the foundation of everything we do. These values guide how we work within our business and with the customers and communities we serve.

We are


We empower our people to tackle challenges without delay.

We think big and act decisively.

We capitalise on opportunities by adapting what we do and simplifying processes wherever possible. The greatest risk is standing still.

We are


We act as one Beacon.

Across our geographies, we listen to and work closely with our colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We welcome open dialogue and diverse talents and perspectives that challenge and drive us forward.

We rely on each other to provide solutions. We are a team growing a company for each other.

We help each other


We develop personal growth and curiosity.

We offer an inclusive and safe culture built through trust. We care about everyone’s voice.

We take ownership of our roles by being proactive and behaving with humility.

Through positivity we provide an environment where our people, customers and suppliers succeed.

“Retaining our entrepreneurial spirit is vital to our future success. Work leaves us energised and inspires us to improve and achieve the best results and customer satisfaction.”

Adam Cunliffe

Chief Executive Officer

we believe

Safety is central to everything we do. We are committed to the wellbeing of all our employees. Health and safety is part of our everyday work conversations.

Achieving greatness is a core goal

Achieving greatness is a core goal. Great people and great relationships drive great outcomes. We choose to sacrifice the good to achieve the great.

A vibrant and creative culture

A diverse, inclusive and international workforce promotes a vibrant and creative culture. The more creative we are, the more effective our work, and the more time we have for achieving our goals.

A focus on solutions and teamwork

We operate in a transparent environment, with a commitment to focus on solutions and teamwork, rather than assigning fault or blame.

Provide services above and beyond expectations

The speed, agility and range of our services set us apart from the competition.

Always aim to reach our maximum potential

Our core purpose drives everything we do, shaping our goals and strategy. Plus our approach to our stakeholders and the environment.

Railways are here to stay, railways are the future

Railways offer a safe, sustainable and cost-effective means of transport now and in the future.

For Passenger or Freight enquiries please use the relevant contact for your region.